Wednesday, July 29, 2015



The world revolves around mistakes. NASA crashed a Cessna to help improve Emergency Location Transmitters in planes so we can all be found and rescued if a plane crashes. They purposely “made a mistake” by crashing a plane to move forward with innovation and make everyone safer.

In my opinion, mistakes are priceless life experiences. Mistakes motivate us to solve problems and move humanity forward. Really every mistake we make in life can be a negative experience or a positive learning opportunity depending on how we perceive it. Mistakes can empower or motivate us to help others. To help others through the same mistakes or to prevent them more making our mistakes. Mistakes can be painful, just like growing pains, but mistakes help you to grow as a person and give you valuable life experience. It could be said the the community is a bunch of programmers, of all different levels, making mistakes. That is a huge group of people that are learning from their own mistakes and empowering others to learn from those same mistakes.

We grow up thinking everyone around us has never made a mistake. But when you hear about others mistakes and you realize, everyone has made the same exact mistake you have. We realize we are never alone. It might be hard at first to deal with a mistake, but don’t be hard on yourself. Treating mistakes as a priceless learning opportunity can help us all to have a better attitude about our mistakes.

You are NASA. Learn as much as you can from mistakes. Make mistakes for a better future. And most importantly: Don’t. Give. Up.

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