Thursday, June 25, 2015

I Love The Apple Watch, But Don't Buy It

I have owned the Apple Watch for a little over a month now.

I get the question, “Should I get an Apple Watch?” more then I thought I would. Strangers, people I work with, and friends. The short answer is no. You really shouldn’t. Before I tell you why you shouldn’t get one, let me make it clear. I love this Apple Watch.

I love the Apple Watch. I love it because it solves three problems for me. One, I never ever pick up my phone (unless it is to make a call) because all my notifications are on my wrist. Two, it is amazing for texting. Out of all the things the Apple watch does, it does texting best. Three, it has helped me become aware of how unfit I am.


This is the Apple Watch’s primary feature. Other then telling time it is a notification angel. It silently vibrates on my wrist letting me and only me know I have a notification. This is a thousand times better then my phone vibrating on my desk, scaring the crap out of me, and also telling all those around me I have a notification. I look at the Watch, I determine if it is an important notification or not and 95% of the time, and move my wrist back. Done. This saves me a ton of time and helps me focus on whatever task might be at hand.  I love this about the Watch.


I believe Apple did this right. This is the killer feature for me. Everything is quick and simple. The replies that Apple suggests to me often times work so I don’t have to say anything to my Watch. Just a tap and done. If that doesn’t work I just talk to my watch and done. Easy as pie. Really love this about the Watch.


I semi-like this feature. I say “semi” cause it doesn’t work well. It works but sometimes it doesn’t and that can be frustrating. I sometimes run down the block to my car from work but the “Move” activity line doesn’t move an inch. I find that discouraging even though I know I ran to the car. It has however motivated me to move more, stand up more, and just be more fit. It is motivation and works well, except when it doesn’t.

I love the Apple Watch. It looks good. Works well most of the time for what I need it for. And in typical Apple fashion works with the iPhone and Mac seamlessly. But you shouldn’t buy it.

It is way overpriced. You mights say, all Apple products are overpriced. Which is not untrue. The difference is the Apple Watch does nothing. In theory it does everything but in practice it does nothing. It might save you from reaching for your phone which saves you time. But it does nothing.

I took the day off from my Apple Watch today. And felt no difference in my life. I did tap my analog watch three or four times today instinctively to check the time. But I didn’t miss it. I don’t need the Watch. However, I love it. And at this point this post, I have not helped you to decide you need it or not. I think I know the secret though.

Yesterday I got 82 text message. 64 of them where not acknowledged in my head but ignored. I got 21 emails yesterday that hit my phone, 2 of which I picked up my phone to read and respond to. I saved myself from 85 times I could have picked up my phone to just ignore something or get distracted. To me that is amazing. Not picking up my iPhone to skim the lock screen and keep my notification center under control at the same time is amazing.

So my advice to you, the reader, don’t get an Apple Watch unless you have $500 laying around burning a hole in your pocket. It is quite possible that the fact that you are reading this means, you don’t need an Apple Watch. It has practical use cases. And if they aren’t immediately apparent how you will use the Watch simply isn’t worth the investment.

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