Thursday, January 2, 2014

Welcome to CodeOneNow!

Hello to you and to 2014.

Welcome to CodeOneNow! As with every year we always want to move forward. Gain more knowledge. Experience new experiences. This blog is all about those goals. My goal with this blog is to post content about programing and the software development community that I find useful, my random thoughts, random opinions and anything else I feel is beneficial or needs to be said about software development. Posts may be sporadic or frequent. They may be short or long. Funny or lame.

A little about myself. I work at a television repair company that is using software to solve complex problems and automate processes. We build and manage multiple web and desktop applications for both employees and third parties that deal with our business. I work as a software engineer at my company. I have an extreme passion for the web and you will notice I push this quite a bit. You business does write many desktop apps for in-house use.

The languages that I feel most comfortable in are HTML, JavaScript, CSS, SASS, C#, PHP. I have dabbled in other languages but none suit my needs at current. At work I use C# as my primary backend language. We used C# and WPF for all our desktop apps. On our websites we use RESTful WCF services that is called from AJAX requests in JavaScript. We manage numerous Windows and Linux based servers. We use Microsoft SQL Server on our Windows servers and mySQL on our Linux servers.

So together let's make 2014 the most successful and productive year yet. We can work together and share knowledge. I encourage comments and corrections on anything I post. Always feel free to contact me on Twitter @bdavis_brandon.

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